SEMrush Review 2015 ; Professional SEO Tool Competitors Analysis

SEMrush Review : Professional SEO Tool For Spying Your Competitor

Let’s discuss about what is tool doing for market researching.

With this tool you can spy on your competitors,By checking their Highly performing Keywords.

Today I’m going to review SEMruch with all the advantage and disadvantage

Keep Reading forward and find How SEMrushs best for online business

About SEMrush

SEMrush is free and Premium search engine marketing too.SEMrush helps us offering you the Metric details about your Competitor.SEMrush can give us a bunch of data about any Website in the world of Internet
You can get all types of details using SEMrush like traffic,competitorsAd competitors,Back links,links in and many more.So it’s one of the best tool that like and still using for my website.
All you want to do is to enter the URL of competitor you will be drained with great information such as
     1.Their expenditure on Google AdWords Ads
     2.The search volume for their targeted keywords
     3.Thorough view about your competitors pay per advertising prospects
     4.Important Back links report
     5.Important Links in report 
     6.Complete figure about registered Website

Competitors Keyword Research 

This tool is platinum standard in the keyword research and there is nothing that can quite come close to this
Many bloggers who have just started may be clueless as to where to begin that Keyword Research and what kind of keywords to go with.This is were SEMrush is Helpful.
With SEMrush you will be finding Keywords which you have never thought of.
Simply enter the URL of any website for which you want to check keywords they are ranking for,and under the organic search click the number of keywords to see them.Letr you can filter them based on the traffic volume and other criteria.

Competitor Backlink Analysis 

Same like the Keywords you can steal your competitors backlinks as well.By clicking the number of backlinks SEMrush will show you the whole bunch of data about your competitors link profile


Later on, you can sort out the source to build quality backlinks better than the competitors for your blog too.That is how you can find backlinks of your Competitors.

Boost Your Organic Ranking

SEMrush will not only make your competition analysis work a lot easier, but you can boost your organic ranking as well. It provides some great tools like keywords position tracking, complete site audit, etc.
I thought I were doing pretty good with my site, but I got SHOCKED when I did a complete site audit using SEMrush. It prepared a complete report in a matter of few minutes and showed me all the errors and issues in my blog. That includes internal broken links, external broken links, missing alt tag on images, used nofollow attribute for internal links, etc.

As soon as  i started fixing all these errors ans issues in my blog.I know how much google hate sites having lots of crawling  errors especially broken links and all.That could be a major invite for Google Panda. 
In that way, you can also do a complete SEO Audit of your blog, check your keywords position, improve your pages to boost your organic ranking.

Why Should You Use SEMrush

I think this hands on review had showed you how SEMrush can help you in your online marketing.Here are some of the reasons that you should use :

  • It provides a collection of tools for competition analysis
  • You can find high search volume keywords with ease
  • It helps you in spying your competitors to steal their keywords and backlinks
  • You can do a complete SEO Audit of your blog
  • It helps you to find the perfect niche for your blog
  • Finding high CPC keywords is super easy with SEMrush
NOTE: SEMrush  provides the complete report for only pro account .If you are a starter and started using SEMrush and find it useful you may upgrade to a Pro account.I would recommend you to go with pro package for taking your blog to greater heights.

IPEE WORLD readers can get FREE Access for 14 days PRO SEMrush account


Well to conclude SEMrush is a vital tool that you want make your blog to reach high level and also find who is your competitor and fight with him.I will be adding more post regarding SEMrush and how effective it is.

SEMrushReviewed by Astro K Joseph

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