Make Video Maker FX Full Version Using XAMPP


Video Maker FX is one of the best Video animation manipulating software i like, I too use Video Maker FX for my various projects including Whiteboard Animation and Character Cartoon Animation.
But when you have downloaded and installed VMFX on your PC and try to open VMFX you ends up with a Log In center where you want to give your Username and Password  used for buying the software.But if you have the software with you but no User ID and Password we are ready to help you in solving this problem.

Note You should only download Installer package from the link given in this article because, It contains file that are needed to register 

Before going in we need a help of another software named XAMPP, Download it from the link given below

Download Video Maker FX With Reg Files from Here

Download XAMPP  Apache Service

So let’s start

1.Download and Install XAMPP Apache service

2.Download and open the Video Maker Fx .zip file (MediaFire link )

3.Now go to VMFX folder inside the extracted folder

4. Copy CheckAuth.php file from the VMFX sub folder

5. Then paste it to  C:xampphtdocs (Replace “C” drive with your windows installed Drive)

6. Now go to C:WindowsSystem32Driversetc (Replace “C” drive with your windows installed Drive) and now open hosts file with notepad(Make sure you don’t open XAMPP while editing hosts file,If open quit it from system trau)

(Some times a error will come while saving the edited file so make sure that you are on administrator account, Go to search and type notepad right click and select Run as administrator )

Now type below given tags just below the ending point of the above text in the hosts file

# added below for video maker FX

7. Now save the Hosts file

8.Now open XAMPP and click on Start button next to Apache service

9.Then open Video Maker Fx and type username and password like given below

Username : Ipee World

Password  : ipeeworld

10.And now Video Maker FX will be ready to create animations

Voila! Now we have made Video Maker FX Full Version for Life Long

Video Tutorial

Coming soon 🙂

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