How To Run iOS Apps on Windows PC With Ipadian Emulator

We have seen many emulators that’s capable of running Android app on your PC like BlueStacks.But have you think software that van run iOS apps on your pc without any restriction.So,In this post i am going to show you how to run iOS Apps On Your Windows Pc With Ipadian Emulator

On might wonder why to use Ipadian as all ios apps are now available for Android so you can use Android Emulators.There are many reason why user opt Ipadian instead Android Emulators.One is that Ipadian gives as a Mac finish and Interface when installed and completely change your desktop into a mac like os.And one more reason we have, If you are using Bluestacks for running Apps your computer must have at least 2 Gigabytes of ram.Thank God Ipadian have no such limitation.

Install Ipadian On Your Windows PC

The process behind installing iPadian is very simple.Just download the Installer package from the link given in the description or from and then install it on your windows PC
Open it!

Run iOS App On Your Ipadian

To install apps on your Ipadian  there is only one way and that is to go to app store for downloading apps.You can’t use apps that are in your computers as well.
  • Open Ipadian 
  • Click on the Icon App Store
  • Download your desired app
  • Open and play it

Angry Birds being played in Ipadian

Also Watch The Videos Tutorial :

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