2 Alternatives to Google Play Store: Get Paid Apps for Free

Google Play store is the one stop place where you will find Android Apps and other similar Android Utilities.Any users can download Android Apps from Google Play store to their Android smartphone.

Play store has both Free and Paid apps in it, If you are trying to download FREE apps then you don’t want to pay them but if your are about to download paid apps then you should pay them.

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Have you ever thought of a possible trick by which you can download Paid apps from Playstore for Free? If yes, then today you will find it.

Here I’m sharing 3 methods by which you can download paid apps from Playstore for free.

Method 1: BlackMart

If you are using this method, then you should download an App called BlackMart Alpha.This is an android app let you download Paid Apps for free.Most and top paid Apps of Play store  is available to download here.

Step 1: Download BlackMart Alpha.

Step 2: Install it on your Android Device.

Step 3: Now open BlackMart app and type the name of the app in the search box.

Step 4: Now many results will show up, Choose one and tap on Install button.

Step 5: Once installed you can use it as regular.

Method 2 – 

This is one of the universal methods by searching the internet.

Step 1: Go to one of your favorite Search Engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
Step 2: In the search bar type the name of the paid app with a keyword of apk and free download.
Example: If you are searching for NFS MW 2 paid app then search NFS MW 2 apk free download.
Step 3: Now tons of results will appear.

Step 4: Check one by one.

Step 5: When you find a real one, Start downloading it.
Search Results:


See guys how simple it was to download Paid android Apps from google Playstore for free without paying nothing.
If you know something other than this please share it in the comment tab so that others can also make use of it.
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