How To Download APK’s From PlayStore To Computer/Laptop

Have you ever thought of a possible way for downloading apps from Google Play store as APK File and keep it on your computer, In not there is a way for doing that.

You may wonder that there is no such download button in play store then how could we do that? Today for downloading apps from play store to PC we are not using Google play’s service instead we are using a third party website name

Few days back, I want to download Clash Of Clan to my PC to play it with an Android Emulator, Then after many researches I came to know about this awesome website know as

Similarly, The same company has websites to download YouTube videos and A image converter.

When you are about to download apps from Playstore you need a Gmail account and you need to sign in to get it.But in the case of you are not required to sign or create a new account.

You can also keep a backup of the file in your computer, Which can be used later if lost.

How To Download Apps From

1. Go to

2.Then go to play store and search for the particular app you want to download

3 Now from the address bar of the browser copy the full URL of that web page

4. Now, Back to’s homepage and paste the URL in the space provided

5.Now click Search

6. Then on the next page, you will get the apps details and button to download the app

7. Now click on the Green download button

8. Voila !!! Your app gets’s start to download

(During downloading if you got an error in IDM”Expired Link “ click here to fix it)

Then now, You can use the downloaded app in any Android Emulator or send it to your mobile device and play it or else you can keep the file on your hard drive as a backup.

Watch The Video Tutorial:

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