Get Your Infolinks Reports Mailed To Your e-Mail In One Click

As Infolinks is  the best Adsense alternate to make with your blog, They are also providing a free service to get your reports including Page views, ad views and other earnings report directly to your registered e-mail ID.

This is a free service provided by Infolinks  and you are not about to pay a single penny for that.

Actually this is not a tutorial, As every publishers will be knowing this when they have logged in to their dashboard.But some of you might have not heard it before for this purpose now i’m sharing it with you.

Let’s Start

Go to Publisher page and log in to your infolinks account

Then go to Reports page

Now you will see a turn on button next to the first option “e-Mail be my reports”

Then you will be prompted with in which basis do you want to get updates

Now Infolinks offer, on Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and custom type too.

Here is one example of e-mail received from Infolinks

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