How To Change Name On Facebook Before 60 Days Limit [Unlimited Trick] – 2016

Hi Guys, Today in this Tutotrial I will share a trick by which you can actually Change your Facebook Account/Profile Name before 60 Days limit.According to Facebook, Once you have changed your Account Name then you cannot edit your Name before 60 Days.In this situation, If you want to Edit your Name Again and change it before the 60 Days limit, then this Article will really help you a lot in showing how to do it.

How to change Name on Facebook before 60 Days Limit

Officialy Changing Name before 60 Days is not Possible.But you can send your documents to Facebook like ID Proof, etc which is again not a easy task.

Now using the trick given below, you can change the Name of your Account within 60 Days Limit and let’s see How.There are two different tricks to do this, one is by Uploading and sending your ID Proof or any other similar document to Facebook and the other one is the most easiest way by using a built in feature of Facebook.

Now Follow this Simple Trick and Change your Name before 60 Days Limit.

How to Change Name in Facebook Before 60 Days Limit

1. Firstly, Go to Account Settings and click on Edit Name option. Now make sure that the limit is currently present or not.

2. If the Limit is currently present, you will get a message like below:


From here starts the Main Trick.

3. Go to

4. Now enter your Account Password and Proceed.

Change Facebook Account Name before 60 Days Limit

5. Click on the Continue Button.

6. Once you click on the Continue Button, It will ask What is your Real Name. Under this question there will be 2 or 3 Names that you have already used for your Account. The last one will be the one that you used at the time Registration and one on the top will be one you edited in the recent past.

7. Select the Name you want to Use and click on the Next button.

8. One the next page change your Password and Finish the  process.

Facebook Account Name Changed within 60 Days limit

Now you have successfully Changed your Facebook Name before the 60 Days time Limit.  Isn’t this Trick Cool.

So guys this is the most simple trick ever to change your Facebook Profile Name within the 60 Days time Limit.If you don’t to use this method then you also have another way to revert your Name, that is by uploading your Proof Identity and sending it to Facebook.

Hope you guys enjoyed this trick, Be sure to share this article with your Friends.

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