How To Bypass 4GB Limit In Jio And Get 4G Speed After 4GB

How To Bypass 4GB Daily Data Usage Limit in Reliance jio
Recently, Reliance has converted it’s existing Jio Preview Offer into Jio Welcome Offer. Jio Preview offer was only available for certain Handsets and there was no daily usage limit or speed capping. But, After converting it to Welcome Offer, it was officially available for all 4G Smartphones and a Daily limit was applied to it.As per the Daily Limit, Users will only get real 4G Speed up to 4GB, After that speed will be reduced to 128KB/s.
This Daily usage limit is only on Welsome offer and not on Preview Offer.So, if we go back to Preview Offer there won’t be any such Daily limit of 4GB.Both Jio Welcome offer and Jio Preview Offer is valid upto 31st December 2016. In this article, I will show you guys, How to Convert Reliance Jio Welcome Offer into Reliance Jio Preview Offer.If we do that, there won’t be any Daily usage limit, After 4GB too, You can enjoy High Speed 4G Internet.
Below I’m sharing Two unique methods to convert Jio Welcome offer to Preview Offer.Alos check How to use Reliance Jio Sim on any Dongle, if you want to use Internet in yoour computer/laptop

Method 1: How to Bypass Jio Daily Limit of 4GB

1.First of all, Uninstall all Jio Apps like MyJio, JioTV, Jio4GVoice, etc from your Device(Take the backup of this apps, we will need it later).
2.. Download the older version of MyJio app from the Link: Old MyJio App
3. Install it.
4. Now Open MyJio App and wait for it to show an error message “No Internet Connection Found”.
5. Now Turn On your Internet Connection and immediately click on Skip Button.
(You should click on the Skip button as fast as possible, or else a popup will ask you to Update the App, So, click on the Skip button As soon as it Appears.Incase if you missed it just go to Settings > Applications > MyJio and click on Clear Data. Again repeat the same process as mentioned above.)
  • Open and Install all Jio Apps from the MyJio App.
  • Now Turn Off your Internet connection.
  • Install all Jio Apps from the Backup we created earlier.
  • Open MyJio App.
  • Click on Get Jio Sim option
  • Turn on your Internet connection and click on Skip Login.
  • Now you will be automatically logged in to MyJio App and Preview offer will be activated.
That’s it, you have enabled Preview offer on your Jio Sim and next onwards there will be no Daily 4GB Data usage limit.

Method 2: How To Get High Speed after 4GB In Jio

 In Jio Welcome Offer, they have the system which will only give you High Speed upto the first 4GB, after that they will only give you 128KB/s flat.Jio System count 4GB from every 10pm night  to 10 Pm next day night.In this trick I will show you How to Bypass 4GB Data usage limit without converting Welcome offer back to Preview Offer. So, Let’s Start.
1. Make sure that you have crossed 4GB Data limit.
2. Turn Off your Phone and Restart it.
3. Turn On Data connection in your device.
You will see that 4G Speed is back without any speed caping. So Simple, Huh?
Don’t update MyJio App to the Latest version from Google Play Store or Anywhere.If you do so, Jio Preview offer will automatically convert back to Welcome Offer. Incase if did it, Just repeat the process mentioned above.

Final Words

See how simple it was to bypass Jio’s Daily Data usage limit. Actually 4GB Data usage limit is only present in Jio Welcome offer and Preview offer does not have it. So using that possibility we just converted our existing Welcome offer to Preview offer.By using this trick Jio won’t Block or Deactivate your Jio Sim.
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Comment down below if you face any problem, We will catch you back at the soonest.

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