How To Compress Images Without Losing Quality | 250KB to 57KB

There are situations where you want to Compress Images to reduce the Size of the Image File.Most of the time when we try to Compress Images it will also reduce the Quality of the Image along with reducing the Size.So, Today in this Article I will explain How you can Compress Images without Losing its Quality in any way.

If you are a Blogger, then you will need to Compress the size of the Image before you upload it to your Blog or if you want to Email an Image it is recommended to Reduce the Size.Today in this Article I Will share Couple of Tricks to Compress Images without Losing its Quality.

Using Online Tools:

There are many Online Image Compressing Tools Available, Today I'm also making use of one such Tool.

For Online Image Compressing I'm Using

Step 1: First, Go to

Step 2: Now click on the Add Button and Add the Image you want to Compress

Step 3: Adjust the Compressing Level using the Adjust tool above the Upload Image tab.

Step 4: Now click on the Compress Now button.

Wait for it to Compress the Image.

Step 5: Once the Compressing Process is completed, Click on the Download button to Download the Compressed Image.

You can also see How much Size is Compressed and other Basic Details.

Other Important Sites I Use:

Desktop Applications:

1. Trimage - Is a wonderful Image Compressing Software which is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Download it From HERE

2. ImageOptim - This is an Image Optimizer and Compressing tool for only Mac.
                              Download it From HERE

WordPress Plugins:

If you are using Self Hosted WordPress CMS Platform then, there are plenty of Plugins that helps us to Compress Image within our Blog.Some Popular Image Optimizing Plugins are given below.

So Guys, Those are the Simple methods to Compress Images without Losing its Quality.Hope you guys enjoyed this Article.Don't Forget to Share this Article on your favorite Social Network.

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