How To Rename Labels In Blogger/Blogspot Blogs

What will you do if you want to delete or add new label in blogger instead of the you have now ?

Labels are category tool in Blogger blog, Which will make users to easy navigate through your blog and blog posts.It will be very handy if you use label widget in your blogger blog.Unlike WordPress and other CMS platforms Blogger has only very limited control over editing and changing Labels

In this article, let you easily delete the old useless Blogger label and add a new fresh label in short hand

Once you have made a label in blogger, like wordpress it cannot be edited again.

But thank god there is an alternate method for changing label in blogger without wasting your endless time.

Let's Start

This tutorial is very handy and only consists of two part of methods

Migrate From Old To New

1. Go to Blogger posts page

2. Now from the above label selection tool select a particular label you want to delete

3. Now click on select all button and select all posts from the label you want to delete or move

4. Now add a new Label with the new name you want to all post selected

Delete Old Label

1. Now again select the label you want to delete, from from the label selection tool above the page

2. Select all posts under the label you want to delete

3.Then click on Quick label adding tool 

4. Now from the label appeared 

5. Click on the specific label you want to delete

Now we have deleted the useless label and added new fresh label

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