How To Find WordPress Theme Used By a WordPress Blog

Sometimes we want to find Themes for our WordPress blog.And finding a wordpress theme is such difficult task too.Now what will you do if you are interested in a WP theme another WP blog use ?

There are many medium for finding wordpress theme of a particular wordpress blog one among theme without using any third party websites we are going to find it only using Google Chrome web browsers itself.

There are many websites that is capable for finding wordpress theme of a particular blog.Some of them are,,, Now if this tools fails to find we have got another way for doing it using Google Chrome dev tools.If you have a little knowledge about Dev tools than you can do easily find it.

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How To Find It ?

We are using Google Chrome as medium for this task, You can download latest real time updated version here.

1.Open particular blog you want to find the theme

2.Now press F12 button on your keyboard

3.Now select Source option

4.Now click on WP Content

5.Now click on Theme option

6.Now double click on CSS file

Here you go now you will get your theme info.

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Screenshot Info :

That's it now you have get the theme name, Now do google search with the name of the theme and download it

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