How To Transfer Money From Freecharge To Bank Account


If you are one person who have applied many Promo/Coupon codes on Freecharge account and now you have many account balance in your freecharge account One might think If i can transfer those earned freecharge cash to my bank account Here the answer is possible

It is  simple tip that any freecharge users can use

Before Going In :

Before proceeding further make sure you meet all below listed requirements :

  • After 48 hours, Receiving the money on your freecharge account only you can transfer
  • You cannot transfer money that are given by merchants(not Freecharge)
  • You must have a valid bank account with A/c no., IFSC  code and other things 
Let's Start :

In my case i,m using Android App, You may use either App or desktop site your wish

Open and login to your account

Go to Account option

In account option click on the "+" button next to the current available amount in your freecharge account

On the next page you will see two options 'ADD MONEY' and 'WITHDRAW MONEY TO BANK'
now click on the second option "WITHDRAW MONEY TO YOUR BANK"

on the next page give your bank details like A/C No.,  IFSC Code, Branch, Type and etc.,

then you will receive a SMS from freecharge and Bank to the registered mobile account saying transfered by Freecharge and Received by bank

Really simple isn't it

You can also now do recharge with sending a small SMS

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21 January 2016 at 18:22 delete

Are there any charges from Freecharge? Paytm charges 4% for the same.

21 January 2016 at 18:54 delete


As per Freecharge there is no special charges like paytm


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