How To Save Webpages As .PDF In Chrome Without Any Extension

Sometime you want to save a webpage with images and background to transfer it to some where.Usually we all do save webpages as .html extension and use.But in this case we will be having problem with images directory and sometime images saved won't work.Both the Wepaage file and images folder and other directories will make it uncomfortable to transfer it to someone

In this situation it is best to save webpages as a PDF Document which can be used as a single file,Where images and even links too are saved inside the PDF file itself

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How To Do It ?

First go to website page which you want to convert to a PDF document.

Once visited click on Options tab and click on Print option or Click CTRL+P in Handy

Then you will see a big popup appeared this is where you want to adjust the pdf file to your preference.

On the left side options toolbar you can adjust various settings like Landscape/Portrait, With Images/No images, With Background/Noe background, Particular extension you want like .pdf .xps and so on

Now we want to change the extension to pdf to do that click on Change option under Destination

Now in the appeared you will find many extension from there choose .PDF

Now click on Save, Now specify particular name and click save that's all now we have saved our .PDF file

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