How To Remove Certain URLs From Google Search In 24 Hours

Unwanted and Out dated search results that are displayed in Google search is one of the most terrible problem faced by Bloggers nowadays.If you have deleted/Updated any article in your blog,After a long time too, If the article is still in the search result when users click that link t shows a "404 Error Page" which will affect your Blog SEO. As of Google they also  provides their Webmasters a option to Delete certain results from Google search if that is yours You can also Remove unwanted subscriptions in your Gmail  Inbox in one click

This Tutorial is handy and simple as visiting webmaster tools of Google and Directly remove that particular one

Let's Start :

1. Go to Google Webmaster URL Removal Page(Official page by Google Webmaster Tools)

2.In the page you will see a Search Bar like small Box to type your specific URL which you want to delete from Google Search Results

3.Paste the particular URL you want to Delete, In the place Provided

4. On the Pop Up give basic details

5. Click Continue and that,s over

Now, If valid, the result will be removed by Google in a short term of period

Useful Information From Google Webmaster Tools :

Read the detailed information from Google about "Removing URLs From Google Search Results"

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