How To Find Your Full PC Specification Including Hardware and Software in One Click

Some times for finding Drivers  for your Motherboard you need the model name to find it and what if you lost the model number and other mother board related information ? No worry Here we have a software named Speccy to find our full PC Specification including both Hardware and Software
information exactly

With Speccy you can find details like ;

  • Hardware's like Hard Disk capacity and other options, Motherboard with model, Peripherals used like mouse and keyboard
  • Detects sound devices and it's information too
  • Detects every nook and corner of OS including Version, Drivers compatible, Product Keys
  • Current temperature and other outdoor temperature details
  • BIOS/UEFI  details
  • Network details like speed, Bandwidth
  • Optical Drives details

Download Speccy


Link is from Publisher's server - No Virus or Malware

After download is complete Install and open it

When the software is opened you will be in summary page

Download to that you will find many navigation option to find various deatials of your PC 

Screeenshot of Navigation Box :


Now check what kind of details you get only from OS section

There is more to scroll down on the OS page itself

Now it's your turn find each every nook and corner of your PC

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