Add New Website On Existing Google Analytics Account

Once you have created and added a new website to your Google Analytics account, And you want to again add a new website to your existing Google Analytics account Then this article is going to help you a lot

Recently my friend itself asked me how can i add more than one website to my existing Google Analytics account.But when the time he asked me just i wonder, even now he don't know how to do this.But there was a clear reason behind the question asked by him.If you are not familiar with the interface of Google Analytics it's  really a difficult task to find were is the place for adding new website to existing Analytics account.

You can also add this on your Sub domain 

In one account you can add up to 100 websites/Android App or any web tracking elements

Let's Start

1. Go to Analytics Account and sign in yo your account

2.Once you are on the Dashboard of your Analytics account, Click on the tab saying "Admin" on top of the screen

3.Now choose the element you want and click on the drop down icon, Select "Create New Account"

4.On this Page, Make sure that you select "Website"'option on top of the screen and  and fill the fields accordingly. When typing the URL of your website add WWW. before the URL click Get Tracking ID

On this page you will get very yes details like the .js code which you want to add on your website and your Tracking ID

How To Add
Blogger user go to Dashboard > Settings > Other and paste the unique Tracking ID provided by Google on the field for that 

Wordpress users  can use from tons of plugins and use it

You can also use SEO By Yoast plugin for doing this Paste the Tracking ID on the space provided

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