3 Methods To Download Videos From Facebook

Facebook being the best and giant social networking site in the world. Many users share videos,Images and links through their status bar.

In my case itself one day i was going through feeds on my facebook account i saw video which is very interesting.Then i want  that video in my PC.For this searched google and other Search engine and finally i found some methods we can download video from Facebook to your Computer or Phone

Today i have three methods with me that you can download videos from Facebook.One is by going to website and another is a mobile app then through chrome extensions

Website ;


Savefrom.net is a famous website for downloading videos from many social networking sites as well as from many  Video sharing sites Like Youtube.com Social networking sites listed in Savefrom.net also include Facebook.

All you want to do is to right click on the video file you want to download select Copy Link Address 

Now head over to Savefrom.net and paste the URL in the space provided

Now a small box will appear with many resolution to download, Select per your preference and click on Download button.

As normal the video will start download through browser downloader itself

Browser Extension :

Here i'm going to share you the best two chrome extension to download facebook.One is the extension powered by Savefrom.net itself.So you are not required to visit their site for downloading the video.When you are watching the video just click on the savefrom,net  logo from the top of the browser

Facebook Video Downloader is another facebook video downloading chrome extension that you can use.All settings are similar to Savefrom.net's extension. Savefrom.net can download video from almost 100+ vidoes sharing sites, But facebbok video downloader only can download videos from 


Mobile App 


FB video downloader is another android app you can download it from Playstore. This app can also download videos from facebook

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