Get Adsense Approval On YouTube In 1 Day

Hi Youtubers,

Basically today in this article i'm going to show you how i got adsense approval in one day and How can you get approval.If you are using youtube as a medium for getting approval in Adsense then it is very simple and straight forward.

Before Going In :

  • You should have a legal and 18 + aged Gmail Account .If you dont have one create it from here : Sign up for Gmail
  • You must be 18+ aged
  • If you are not 18+ you can even use your Parents/Guardians account
  • A Youtube Publisher account Create one from here : Sign Up
If above all requirments are met by you,You will be able to go further

Go to and click on Sign In

Then give your same gmail account ID and Password

Once you are logged in click on your Account picture on Top right corner and click on Gear button

Then click on Advanced Features

After that click on Monetization menu in Channel options

Click on option saying "Enable Monetization".Once you have clicked on this option you will get a follow up mail on your particular Gmail account Saying "Your account has been enabled for monetization"

Then click on monitization option and click on third last option saying "when will i get paid"

Then click on YouTube publisher option and fill up the basic adsense form

Once after your account is reviewed you will get a mail saying Approved or Rejected

Then as normal login to your adsense account by going

Mail send by google after approval 

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