Best Ever Material Design Blogger Templates - 2016

Best Free Material Design Blogger Templates

Material Design, Material Design, Material Design everywhere.

Now Material Design is getting much popularity in the Website industry over the world. 100s of WordPress themes are built using Google's own Material Design principle and a lot of websites are using Material Design themes.

But Wait! Why only WordPress?

Creating a Material Design Theme for WordPress is somewhat easy when comparing with Blogger.We all know that Blogger has a lot of restrictions and lack of features when comparing to WordPress.So, Developing a Theme based on Material Design Principle for Blogger is a great tough task.

Have  Look @ Add Authors and Admins to Your Blogger/Blogspot Blogs

But still, there are many developers who are working on Material Design principle and is working hard for Creating new themes/templates with more features.

Now, after doing some research, I myself had created a list of Templates for Blogger/Blogspot which is designed using Material Design principle.

Now go through it, and pick one for your blog and start using it today.

1. Material Design Responsive Blogger Template

Material Design Responsive Blogger Template Free Download

Material Design Responsive Blogger Template is one of the best Template for Blogger designed with Material Design principle.This theme is idle for Tech and Magazine based Blogs.Packed with High-Quality features and Easy to use Customization this theme suits for almost all Blogs.

2. Masign  - Responsive Material Design Blogger Template

Masign Material Design Blogger Tenplate Free

Masign is a responsive material design blogger template idle for almost all blog.This is one of the simple and handy Blogger template that comes along with the Material Design Principle.Easy to use Admin panel and layout option makes it easier to arrange widgets.

3.MDFOSTRAP - Responsive Material Design Blogger Template

MDFOSTRAP Blogger Template Material Design

MDFOSTRAP is beautifully designed Blogger Template, which will be best for every Tech and Gadget niche based blog.Material design principle touch gives users a good mood to surf around the web page.Along with this features, the templates come with the featured post, email subscription, c=social counter ,etc widgets.

4. Materiality - Material Design Blogger Template

Materiality Blogger Teamplte

Materiality is one of the best and premium piece of the theme in this category. Admin of BloggerHero has designed this templates with lots of preloaded features.The awesome material design principle used in this template is outstanding is perfect for almost all magazine styled and tech blogs.The theme comes with a wide variety of color variants to choose from.The footer column is another highlighted part of this template.

5. Neue - Material Design Blogger Template

Neue Responsive Simple Blogger Template

Neue is a simple blogger template with good and interesting features.Again this theme too comes with many built-in widgets and samples.Whoever wants simple blogger template without much complexity, then this template will be perfect.

6. Materispot - Material Design Blogger Template

Materispot Simple Material Design Blogger Temaplate

Materispot is another simple Blogger template based on a material design like Neue.This template is also a simple and is idle for all those who want a complete simple template with Material Design touch in it.


Final Words

I hope you guys found this awesome list of Material Design Blogger Templates useful.
All the templates mentioned above is completely FREE except one template.Materiality template mentioned above is a premium theme and it has all features you except it should have.It's actually worth for the amount you pay.

Also be sure to check other Blogger templates too:

Whoever wants a highly premium Blogger Template with Material Design Principle in each and every nook and corner of the Template then I would recommend you Materiality Blogger Template as it has everything a blog need.

Comment down below which one you like and be sure to share the post with your friends and let them know about it.

How To Run WhatsApp In Your Web Browser [No Bluestacks, Youwave]

You all know that WhatsApp can be installed in a PC using BlueStacks, Youwave, Droid4X or any other similar android emulators.

But have you ever thought of running WhatApp in a Web browser(Not WhatsApp Web) the official WhatsApp APK File? Now the fact is that It Is Possible.Now you can run WhatsApp in your Web Browser.

No matter which is your Web Browser, Wheather it be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or even Internet Explorer.

Things we need in order to run WatsApp in a web browser are Working Internet Connection, Web Browser, and WhatsApp APK Installer file.

Let's do it.

How To Install WhatsApp In Web Browser? 

Step 1: Go to and download the latest version of WhatsApp.

Step 2: Go to and click on the sign-up button.

Step 3: Now fill in the details as required including Email, Name etc.

Step 4: Verify your Email address.

Step 5: Now you can see a box asking Drop An APK File, Click the Browse button and select the downloaded WhatsApp APK file.

Step 6: Click the Continue button and wait for the Upload process to complete.

Step 7: Next you will be asked to select a mode of emulator you want, Choose acording to the screen size you need.

Step 8: Now on a new tab thje emulator will start opening WhatsApp.

Step 9: Now click on Agree and continue.

Step 10:Type your Phone Number.

Step 11: Verify it with the SMS sent by WhatsApp or by Calling feature.

Step 12: Enter your name and add a Display Picture(DP)

Voilaa!! We have created our fresh new WhatsApp account on Manymo.

Now you can use your WhatsApp account as usaul as what you do in your Mobile

This is one of the best method available to install WhatsApp in your PC and in Web Browser.There are many other Chrome extensions which allow us to run WhatsApp in Chrome also check them..WhatsApp Web is another interesting  method by which you can use WhtasApp in your Browser.

Download Mini Militia For Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and MAC

Doodle Army : Mini Militia is a game in which you will enjoy various  battle zones like Zombie Town, Vietnam, Normandy, Boot Camp,  Egypt and Mars. You will also get 40 unlockable characters in this game, weapons like pistols, sub-machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, grenade Launchers,assault rifles, chainsaws, and lasers.

Currently, this wonderful game is only available for Android and iOS platform and is designed for your Tablet and smartphone devices.But how will be it, Playing on a large screen like your PC or Laptop? Great Nuh.

Today in this article I will show you the best method for playing Mini Militia on your Windows PC or Laptop  and on your MAC computer devices.

Let's Start

Check: Download Clash Of Clans For Windows 10/8/8.1/7 PC/Laptops

Windows OS:

Follow the below-given step by step instructions to see how to run it on your windows PC.

Step 1: Download any Android Emulator mentioned below :

(For this tutorial I'm taking Bluestacks as example.)

Step 2: Install and Open the software

Step 3: Now on the search bar type Mini Militia and hit search Button.

Step 4: Once the result are loaded, click on Doodle Army: Mini Militia 

Step 5: Click on the Green Install Button

Step 6: On the pop-up appeared click on Agree and Install

Step 7: Wait for the Installation to be completed

Step 8: Once Installed, Open the game by clicking on the shortcut created.

That's it now we have successfully Installed Mini militia on our PC, Now play it as usual.


Step 1: Download any Android or iOS Emulator mentioned below :

(For this tutorial I'm taking Bluestacks as example.)

Step 2: Install and Open the software

Step 3: Now on the search bar type Mini Militia and hit search Button.

Step 4: Once the result are loaded, click on Doodle Army: Mini Militia 

Step 5: Click on the Green Install Button

Step 6: On the pop-up appeared click on Agree and Install

Step 7: Wait for the Installation to be completed

Step 8: Once Installed, Open the game by clicking on the shortcut created.

That's it enjoy Mini Militia on your Mac.

Check: Download Fallout Shelter For PC/Laptop Windows10/8/7

Hope you guy enjoyed this awesome article, Do share it on your favorite social network and also drop us a comment below

Create WhatsApp Account with U.S Number(+1) - Working Method

Hi Guys, I'm back with a new interesting Trick by which you can actually Create a fully functional WhatsApp Account with U.S(United States) Number that starts with +1 Country Code.This is a 100% Working Trick and you don't need any Real(Virtual) U.S Sim Card or Number.Now let's check what are the features of this trick and How you can use it.

Create WahstApp Account with US Number

As I told you earlier we are creating WhatsApp Account with a US Number, So off course you need a U.S Registered Number, But How? If you are not a US Resident too, you can make use of this trick and Create your own Fresh new WhatsApp account with US Number. With this Trick, you can Fool your Friends by sending Messages from this US Account without disclosing the identity.

There are tons of Apps available in the Play Store that provide you Free US Numbers for Callling and Messaging.Numbers provided by most of the Apps found in Play Store are not working in WhatsApp, Because they have blocked that series numbers for some privacy issues.But at last I managed to find an App called Primo.Primo App works well with WhatsApp without any problem.

Now let's check some features of this Trick:
  • Free of Cost!
  • More Privacy
  • Create a working US number with +1 country code
  • Easy to use
  • 100 Safe and Working

How to Create WhatsApp Account with US Number?

1. Firstly, Download the Application called Primo from Play Store using the link below

2. Install and Open the App.

3. Once Opened, it will ask you to register an Account, Just enter your real Mobile Number and click on the submit button.

Verify Moible Number in Primo App

4. Enter the OTP and verify your Mobile Number in the Primo App.

5. Once the Verification process is done, on the Bottom Right position you will see a US Number, just note it down.

Copy your new US Number

6. After copying the US Number, Open WhatsApp - Check How to Use 2 WhatsApp in Singke Device

7.  Select Country code a s +1 and type your US Number and click on Continue.

8. Wait for Some Time and you will see a "Call Me" option in WhatsApp, just click on it.

9. Now call will come to your Phone via Primo App from WhatsApp.

10. Attend the call and note down your Verification Code.

11. Now enter the Code in WhatsApp and verify your Mobile Number.

Enter the Verification Code and Verify your WhatsApp Account

12. Once everything is Done, Set a DP and Name.

Now your Fresh New WhatsApp Account with US Number is ready to use.Start sending Messages to your friends from this US umber and make them feel awsome.

Hope you guys find this Article useful and helped you a lot. Comment down below if you have any Doubt and Don't forget to Share this Trick with your Friends.

Must Play Best Android Games Under 50MB

There are tons of Android games available to download for your android device, from these tons games Today here I'm sharing the most wonderful must play games for Android. Those games are most rated in Play store and have huge fans.

If you are a killer gamer then you will love to Play those Games mentioned Below.

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All the games for android given below are less than 50 MiB, and this won't take much time to download and also only need some space to install and a few MBs of RAM.

If you are interested in any of the games mentioned below you can download it by clicking the Download button or Google Play Download Button.

Most rated and Good game is rated as #1

#1. Clash Of Clans


Clash of clans is action, adventures war game.Controls of the game are really good and have good missions to complete. Animation used in this game is really interesting.Characters are too funny but very serious in the case of war. You can steal gold store it in your locker and walk like cool man

Name : Clash Of Clans

Size : Around 47 MB

Play Store Link : CLICK HERE

#2. Smash Hit

Smash Hit is another interesting game with balls to play.The game is developed by Mediocre.We are required to break obstructions using the ball we have.We can increase our balls by breaking pyramid-like structures throughout the game.Graphics used in the game is pretty awesome.

Name : Smash Hit

Size : Around 48 MB

Play Store Link :  CLICK HERE

#3. Subway Surfers

Subway surfers is another interesting game with a wide variety of characters to choose from.As default, we will be having a boy to play.You can complete missions or skip it  in the store by spending coins.Our mission is to collect as much as a coin as possible and collect as much as points you can.We will also get rewards.

Name : Subway Surfers

Size : Below 50 MB

 Play Store Link : CLICK HERE

#4. Temple Run


Temple Run is another game similar to Subway Surfers.Here also we are about to run and collect as much as coin possible in a single run, We will be chased by huge Animal, If caught, game over.Graphics  are enough good,Sounds are really good and enough for such games.

Name : Temple Run

Size : 37 MB

Play Store Link :CLICK HERE

#5. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a mind refreshing game.Basically it is a puzzle game,Where you wanto to arrange specific things in an order and complete the task with in given moves.All the things you want to move are food items like Jelly, Sweats etc,.Graphics are pretty good

Name : Candy Crush Saga

Size : About 45 MB

Play Store Link : CLICK HERE

#6  Riptide GP2

Riptide GP™2 kicks everything into overdrive, with intense online multi-player races, upgradeable hydro jets and riders, improved graphics, an all-new career mode, and a whole new stunt system with dozens of new tricks!

Name: Riptide GP2

SizeL: less than 50

Play Store Link: CLICK HERE

Hope you guys enjoyed this ultimate edition of "Must Play Best Android Games Under 50MB".
Do comment down below, your suggestions and feedbacks.

Meet The New AdSense User Interface: What's New - Oct 2016

AdSense New UI Change: What's New

Finally, the wait is over and AdSense got it's new User Interface update from Google. Google has officially rolled out the new UI Change in the AdSense Homepage and other pages.AdSense Team developer was working hard over the past year to bring Material Design principle to the AdSense UI and finally its done.

Developer team has completely updated the UI and next onwards when a user login to his/her AdSense account, a popup will ask them to check the new User Interface.Everytime Google is doing something great for their publishers and here is the latest update from them.

AdSense New UI Dashboard
Image Credit: AdSense Blog

The Homepage of the AdSense Dashboard has completely changed and it now makes it easier to know deeper analytics and Performance report from the Dashboard itself. The Stunning New Material Design User Interface itself is the biggest change in the new UI from the previous one.

If you are not aware of Google Material Design, have a look at its official page

What's New?

Material Design itself is the biggest change in the new UI. Google Developer Team had been working for the past one year for the major UI Change in AdSense.Redesigned Menu and Navigation Bar makes it easier for Publishers to surf through the DashBoard.

The way that they had arranged and organized columns on the Homepage makes it easier for the publisher to check inside performance report straight from the dashboard itself.

Meet The New AdSense  Ui Change
Image Credit: AdSense Blog

Moreover, AdSense now enables its publishers to arrange the Homepage as the way the publisher needs.The publisher can Add, Edit or make changes to existing Cards on the Homepage and add a new one if they want.

Previously, AdSense used to have the Navigation Bar on the top of the window, But now with the new UI Change, Navigation Bar has changed to the left side, arranging options in a vertical manner.(Again a cool idea, Huh?)

What's next?

As per the official AdSense post, the changes are being made on their systems and will be working for it on the coming days. As per the recent news, Google Analytics is also getting a new User Interface with advanced options. It is expected that Google Analytics to have a Material Design Principle.Anyway, let's wait and see what changes had Google prepared fro Google Analytics on the coming days.

AdSense New UI Screens:

AdSense New Updated UI Change

How To Use New AdSense UI

AdSense New UI Welcome Note

AdSense New UI Vertical Sidebar Navigation Bar

AdSense New UI Settings Tab

Old AdSense UI:

Old AdSense UI

Final Words

AdSense's new User Interface update is really cool and all publishers are definitely going to enjoy it.
As AdSense Developer team managed to incorporate Material Design Principle to the Core Theme of AdSense, It will really help Publishers to manage their account easily.

Now do share your thoughts about the new AdSense UI Change :)

How To Transfer Files From PC/YouWave To YouWave/PC

Youwave is an Android emulator program whish allows us to use Android OS on our PC/laptop.Millions of people use YouWave for using WhatApp, Hike, Wechat, Line.Above told android apps don't alone work in windows PC platform.Most of the users who has no any kind of android device and only PC/laptop mainly depend on android emulators like BlueStacks,YouWave, Andy etc.

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Today in this guide, I will explain How to Transfer files from YouWave to PC and from PC to Youwave using a simple tweak.You don't need any additional software for doing this.Now lets check how to do it.

Also Check: YouWave 4.1.1 Free Download+crack

How to transfer files from YouWave to PC?

Step 1: First of all, Close YouWave if it is opened.

Step 2: Now copy the files you want to use in YouWave. 

Step 3: Now Navigate to C:\Users\Public And paste it there.

Step 4: Now Open Youwave and install any file manager, for easy access use ES File Manager.

Step 5: Now you will see a folder named "C" in File Manager.

Step 6: Open it.

Hurray, you found the files you need there.

Now when you want to send files through Whatsapp just copy the files to the public folder and use it.

How to transfer files from YouWave to PC?

When our friends send us some media files or something through WhatsApp or any mass medium.The file remains as hidden and can be only accessed through YouWave.In this case, we can also transfer files from YouWave to PC without any software.Follow the steps 

Step 1: Open Youwave .

Step 2: Install ES file explorer Open it.

Step 3: Now copy the files you want.

Step 4: Go to the folder named "C".

Step 5: Paste it there.

Step 6: And now just close Youwave .

Step 7: Open C:\Users\Public

Step 8: Now you will find that files there.

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Final Words:

This is the only method that will work offline. If you use Dropbox method then you need an active Internet connection and again it requires a lot of time.

See Guys, how simple it was to transfer files from YouWave to PC and from PC to YouWave. Hope you guys found this trick useful, Do share this with your friends and let them too know about this.
Now let me know whether you face any problem, Just comment below.

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