How to Convert EXE to APK File (Windows EXE to Android APK) For FREE

How to Convert EXE file to APK file

One of the best way for running Windows EXE files on your Android Device is to Convert the exe file into an Apk file and then install that Apk file on your Android Device.

However, if you want to run Windows EXE programs in your Android device without installing Windows on your Android device, Then today this article helps you a lot.

Android Users can only install APK based Android Applications on their device.But in this present situation there are tons of Windows EXE based Application which includes both software and interesting games.After reading this article you will be able to Install EXE Windows programs on your Android APK based Device. Sounds really Cool Huh ?

How To Convert Windows EXE To Android APK File ?

You need a working EXE executable file and Change My Software: EXE to APK Converter Tool(Which can be downloaded from the link given below)

Note : Few months back the software Change My Software: EXE to APK Converter Tool was 100%  FREE,.Users was able to download the file within few mouse clicks.But now to download the application given above you need to submit a survey or Pay them in order to get the setu file of the oftware.

But thank GOD i have got a link from which you can download the software for completely FREE without completing Survey or Paying them single penny.Still the software is downloaded from the publisher website and no modification has done to the software by me

                                            Download EXE to APK File Converter : FREE 

                                            Download EXE to APK File Converter : Premium 

(You can download the file from this website by completeing a short survey or by paying them a little.)


1. After you download the RAR file simply Extract it using WinRAR

2. Now Launch the Software

3. Now click on "I have a Portable Version" and click Next in the software

4. Now browse and add your specific EXE file that you want to convert

(It will take some time to load files,)

5. Once after the file is loaded then click on Convert button

The time taken for the  process of conversion depends upon the size of the file you have selected for converting.So leave it for the process to be complete

6. After the conversion process is complete you will get a window like this (See the screenshot below)

                          Windows EXE file Converted into APK file

7. Now you have your fresh APK file of the specific file you converted.

8. Now transfer this converted APK file to your Smartphone or Tablet using any  method and Install it.Once installed use it like a pro.

See how simple it was to convert the usual Windows EXE file to Android APK file using the above mentioned method.Now use it like your wish.

Drop us a comment if you face any problem throughout the process of conversion,We will catch you back  soon :)

Top 100+ Free Proxy Sites – Free Proxy Servers List 2016

Top 100+ Free Proxy Sites

Sometimes you may face some errors saying URL Blocked,This website is not available in your country or the website you are trying to access is blocked by your Internet service Provider.If you still want to access these websites, then you can use some kind of Free Proxy websites.When I mean FREE it's Completely FREE!

Check: How to Access Blocked Websites [URL has been blocked as per the...]

Proxy websites can open any kind of websites that is restricted in your school, Office or anywhere.Proxy website not only allows you to open blocked website but also to do Anonymous web browsing.Proxy websites are very simple to use, The interface of all proxy website are like a usual web browser with an Address bar to enter its URL.

Today in the Article you will find more 100+ FREE proxy website that allows you to do Anonymous Internet surfing.

TOP 100+ List:

  1. Quick Proxy –
  2. Free Proxy Server
  3. Free You Proxy Tube
  4. The Best Proxy
  5. VPN Browse
  6. Proxy 2014
  7. Just Proxy
  8. Extreme Proxy
  9. Fast School Proxy
  10. Remove Filters
  11. Monster Proxy
  12. Hide Me Ass
  13. UK – Proxy
  14. Proxy One
  15. Hide The Internet
  16. Web Proxy Free
  17. World Cup Proxy
  18. View Youtube
  19. Proxay
  20. Greatest Free Proxy
  21. Unlock My Web
  22. Proxy Site
  23. Hide My Ass
  24. Proxify
  25. Free YouTube Proxy
  26. Proxy
  27. England Proxy
  28. Unblocker
  29. Fast USA Proxy 
  30. Mega Proxy
  31. Crazy Proxy
  32. IP Switcher
  33. Hide My Trax Proxy
  34. Stardoll Proxy
  35. Proxy 4 Freedom
  36. Fish Proxy
  37. See Proxy
  38. Surf Proxy
  39. Sporium
  40. Saoudi Proxy
  41. Proxy Browse
  42. Proxy Internet
  43. Ca Proxies
  44. Proxy 2015
  45. FB Proxies
  46. PK Proxy
  47. America Proxy
  48. Suede Proxy
  49. New IP Now
  50. Anonymouse
  51. Hidden Digital Info
  52. Anony Mizer (14 days free trial)
  53. K Proxy
  54. Hidester
  55. Don’t Filter
  56. Korea Proxy
  57. Brazil Proxy –
  58. ECXS
  59. Zalmos Web Proxy
  60. Canada Proxy
  61. King Surf Proxy
  62. US Proxies
  63. US Proxy
  64. Zacebook
  65. Your Proxy
  66. Just Unblock It
  67. Go Proxy
  68. Network Bypass
  69. Me Hide
  70. Proxy This
  71. PHP Proxy
  72. Xite Now
  73. 4Ever Proxy
  74. KProxy Site
  75. Surf for Free
  76. Working Proxy
  77. Proxy 2014
  78. Prox Me Call Me Names
  79. Change IP & Country
  80. VTunnel
  81. Rapid Proxy
  82. Ninja Cloak
  83. Proxyo
  84. Proxy Tube
  85. Free Open Proxy
  86. Hope Proxy
  87. Safe Proxy
  88. Private Surf
  89. Europe Proxy
  90. Stealth Proxy
  91. SSL Proxy
  92. Proxy Power
  93. Web Surf
  94. You Server
  95. Proxyfree  –
  96. DeFilter
  97. Intern Cloud
  98. Pro Intern
  99. Singapore Proxy
  100. Work Host
  101. Travel VPN
  102. Fast Time
  103. Rexoss
  104. Hide IP Proxy
  105. Host App
  106. Proxy Pirate
  107. Pun Proxy
  108. Hide N Seek
  109. Orange Proxy
  110. Free Publick Proxy
  111. Push Proxy
  112. Cool Proxy

Now choose your favorite proxy service from listed above and start using it.
Hope you guy liked it, Do comment below in the comment section, your feedbacks, and doubts.

How to run Android Apps on your Windows PC Without Bluestacks/Youwave(No Android Emulators)

Recently, We have seen how to run  Android Apps on Windows PC/Laptop with the help Android Emulators and also How To Run iOS Apps on Your Windows PC

BlueStacks, YouWave, Droid4X are the Android Emulators that is top performing and is being used by millions of people to run Android Apps on their Windows PC/Laptop.

Today in this tutorial, We are not going to use any Android Emulators, All you want is a working Internet connection and a Web Browser.

Let's Start,

1. Go to

2. Click on the Sign Up button

3. Now fill required details like Name, Email, Password and complete the challenge for proving you are a human being

4. Now verify your Manymo account by clicking on the activation link sent to your Email account(Used for sign up process)

5. Now Drag and Drop your specific APK file to the section provided(Check screenshot given below)

6. Wait the file to be uploaded

7. Now you will see many types of Android Screen versions there, Click one of your choice

8.Now the App will launch

9. Now use the App

                           Check : How To Convert EXE to APK (Windows EXE to Android APK)

That's it, See how easily we have launched an Android App on our Windows PC/Laptop without any Android Emulators or any other third party software. Using this method you can use WhatsApp, Games and other Android APK Based apps.

How to Activate/Enable WhatsApp Video Calling in Android

Finally the Wait is over and WhatsApp Video Calling is now LIVE!.Now you can Activate Video Calling feature in your WhatsApp and start using it for Video Calling your Friends for FREE.

Video Calling was one of the Feature that every WhatsApp users where expecting from WhatsApp.Now finally the wait is over.Latest App with Video Calling feature has not been released in Google Play Store, You can Manually Download the Video Calling enabled WhatsApp APK from the link given below and Install it in your Phone.

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So Now let's check How to Enable WhatsApp video Calling in WhatsApp.

Download Links:.

How To Activate Video Calling in WhatsApp?

Step 1: Download Video Calling Enabled WhatsApp APK from the link given Above.

Step 2: Once Downloaded click on the Apk file.

Step 3: Install it into your Phone.

(If you already have WhatsApp installed in your Phone, Your are not required to Uninstall it.The Video Calling Enbaled WhatsApp will install automatically and you will be not required to do register again.)

Step 4: Now Launch WhatsApp in your Phone.

Step 5: Open any Chat.

Step 6: Click on the Call Daiaer Icon.

Step 7: Now from the Popup click on Video Call.

That's it, Now you have enabled Video Calling feature in your WhatsApp.

Do comment down below if you have any Doubts, I will get you ASAP!

Must Play Best Android Games Under 50MB

There are tons of Android games available to download for your android device, from these tons games Today here I'm sharing the most wonderful must play games for Android. Those games are most rated in Play store and have huge fans.

If you are a killer gamer then you will love to Play those Games mentioned Below.

All the games for android given below are less than 50 MiB, and this won't take much time to download and also only need some space to install and a few MBs of RAM.

If you are interested in any of the games mentioned below you can download it by clicking the Download button or Google Play Download Button.

Most rated and Good game is rated as #1

#1. Clash Of Clans


Clash of clans is action, adventures war game.Controls of the game are really good and have good missions to complete. Animation used in this game is really interesting.Characters are too funny but very serious in the case of war. You can steal gold store it in your locker and walk like cool man

Name : Clash Of Clans

Size : Around 47 MB

Play Store Link : CLICK HERE

#2. Smash Hit

Smash Hit is another interesting game with balls to play.The game is developed by Mediocre.We are required to break obstructions using the ball we have.We can increase our balls by breaking pyramid-like structures throughout the game.Graphics used in the game is pretty awesome.

Name : Smash Hit

Size : Around 48 MB

Play Store Link :  CLICK HERE

#3. Subway Surfers

Subway surfers is another interesting game with a wide variety of characters to choose from.As default, we will be having a boy to play.You can complete missions or skip it  in the store by spending coins.Our mission is to collect as much as a coin as possible and collect as much as points you can.We will also get rewards.

Name : Subway Surfers

Size : Below 50 MB

 Play Store Link : CLICK HERE

#4. Temple Run


Temple Run is another game similar to Subway Surfers.Here also we are about to run and collect as much as coin possible in a single run, We will be chased by huge Animal, If caught, game over.Graphics  are enough good,Sounds are really good and enough for such games.

Name : Temple Run

Size : 37 MB

Play Store Link :CLICK HERE

#5. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a mind refreshing game.Basically it is a puzzle game,Where you wanto to arrange specific things in an order and complete the task with in given moves.All the things you want to move are food items like Jelly, Sweats etc,.Graphics are pretty good

Name : Candy Crush Saga

Size : About 45 MB

Play Store Link : CLICK HERE

#6  Riptide GP2

Riptide GP™2 kicks everything into overdrive, with intense online multi-player races, upgradeable hydro jets and riders, improved graphics, an all-new career mode, and a whole new stunt system with dozens of new tricks!

Name: Riptide GP2

SizeL: less than 50

Play Store Link: CLICK HERE

Hope you guys enjoyed this ultimate edition of "Must Play Best Android Games Under 50MB".
Do comment down below, your suggestions and feedbacks.

How To Stop/Disable Windows Updates In Windows 10

Microsoft has released their New version of Windows "Windows 10" which you may have heard before.Windows 10 is good challenging Version of windows from  Microsoft which gives good performance speed, easy to use multiple desktops etc are the features that make Windows 10 more good

If you don't have Windows 10 with you can do download it from Microsoft's official website or Download the activated version of Windows 10 2016.

Like every Windows, Windows 10 also have an option called Automatic Update.This option is really helpful for users who have High-Speed Broadband and people with the limited net connection will suffer a lot with this option.Windows 10 will automatically update your Windows 10 up to date.So toady in this article I will show you how to Disable to Stop Windows Updates from Windows 10

Let's Start

1. Stop Updates From Service Options

Step 1: Go to Control Panel

Step 2: Now go to Administrative Tools option

Windows Update Off Control Panel

Step 3: Now click on the Services option

Windows Updates Off Service Tools

Step 4: In this windows you will see all running windows process

Step 5: Now scroll down and find an option "windows update service" and turn off it

Windows Update Off Tool

Now  let's check how to turn off it.

Step 6: Now right click on the option and click on Properties

Step 7: Go to General Options

Windows Updates Off windows tab Properteis

Step 8: Now look for Startup Type option and turn it off by clicking on Disable button

Step 9: Then click on Stop button on Service Status tab

Step 10: Then click on the OK Button

That's it Windows 10 automatic updates feature has been disabled and no more Internet will be used to update the windows files.

2. Stop Updates From Network Options

If you have limited Internet Connection  and if you want to Disable automatic Updates Windows 10 has an  amazing option called metered internet connection.With this option, you can turn off Windows and other Applications updates

Now, to set your Metered Internet Connection  follow the steps.

Step 1: Open Setting App

Step 2: Now select Network & Internet option

Windows 10 Updates off Netwrok and Settings option

Step 3: Now scroll down and click on Advanced Options

Windows 10 Updates Adavanced Options

Step 4: Then select Metered Connection option

Windows Update off Metered Connection on

Step 5: All Done! No more automatic updates

This is the some of the working method by which you can turn off your Automatic update option from your Windows 10 OS.

But, Do remember that when ever a new Service update is Available your System won't recognize it and leave it

Android 7.0 Nougat - Release Date, Features, News & Latest Updates

All new version of Android; Android 7.0 Nougat is about for its official launch,It is said to be released in August 2016.Official Release Date will be made from 22nd August 2016 Onwards,LG V20 will be first ever Smartphone to be released with Android Nougat Operating System.

Finally, the wait is over and Android Nougat is just a few days away from us. It's the 14nth version of Android in the Alphabetical Order which is half the way out of 26.2-3 Months before Google has officially launched Android N's Developer preview version which was available to download. If you haven't used it give it a try and find how Android N looks like. There will be major changes in the Official Version from the Preview version but to get a silent idea about the new OS, you should try it.

ALSO CHECK: How To Mirror Your Android Screen To PC - Wifi, USB | No Root

Now let's check what are the Latest News about Android Nougat like Release Date, News, Features and benefits.

Now with that all being set, let's quickly jump into the Article and see what are the surprises waiting!. :)

Android Nougat: Release Date

As per the recent News and Rumors on the Internet, It is expected that the Android Nougat OS will be released on the 3rd week of August.It is likely to be released on 22nd August 2016.

Release Date: 22nd August 2016


Multitasking Feature: 

Now with this awesome feature, you can your split your screen into  to 2 or more different Parts for running different apps on your device simultaneously.You can use those split areas for running Apps in the Background as well as in the Foreground. There were many apps on the Play Store that let you split your screen for running multiple apps same time and now Google has officially announced the same feature in Android Nougat.

Drag & Drop Texts and Images:

To make multi-tasking even more comfortable Google has a added a feature that let you Drag and Drop Texts and other Images from any window to any Window on your Phone.We can now experience the same Drag and Drop feature as like what we do in our Computer System.

Day Dream Feature:

This feature lets you customize your apps with even more freedom..This is specially designed for Google VR Platform.

Bundled Notifications & DND:

You can see all your Mails, Messages and other Notifications from variuos apps from Notification Bar itself and if you are interested to see what it is, then you can click on the Notification and see what it is.Again you can also use the DND(Do Not Disturb) function to stop receiving notidfcations from unwanted things.

Quick Settings:

This feature let you make slight changes and modification to your device's Settings from  the Notification Slider itself.It comes handy when you are busy doing some works.You can also add shortcuts for what settings to be appeared on the Notification Slider.

Virtual Reaity:

Google is now focusing deeply on VR Platform and Android Nougat is definitly gonna support it with various inbuilt features.As part of this Day Dream is also introduced in the new OS.

KeyBoard Themes:

Android Nougat comes with various new themes for the keyboard from stock android itself.Now you can add, edit and remove borders between keys and colors and customize the keyboard as per your taste.

Enhanced Perfomance:

Google also assure that Perfomance of this OS will be much more enhanced with all new latest technology.As part of this, New Graphics API called Vulkan has been introduced by them in the New OS.

With the new JIT Compiler, Google says that it will Improve the Battery Life and enhances the perfomance  of the device and will perform even more faster.

New Emoji:

Google has also updated and revamped the emoji section too.New set of emojis with different styles are to be added with Android N operating System.All the new emoji sets are somewhat similar to Apple's emoji and looks good.

Use Different Wallpapers for Lock Screen and Background:

Now you can use 2 different Wallpapers for your Android Device's Background and Lock Screen.This means you can use Wallpaper A as Mobile Background and Wallpaper B as Lock Screen wallpaper.You might have seen this feature on Miui and Vibe UI before.

Wrapping Up

So Guys, those are the some great new features in the upcoming Android OS which is named as Android Nougat.

As said earlier it is expected to be released on 22nd August 2016, now let's check whether it's true or not.

That's it for the Article guys, Do not forget to share this Article on your favorite Social Media.

Also Comment down your thoughts about the new Operating system in the Comment box below.

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